CEPROCS 10th anniversary – A Message from CEO

Today, CEPROCS is officially reaching 10 years of activity. Our journey is like a roller coaster – you are afraid to start, but at the same time excited and when the button ON was clicked and you feel like your heart is trying to leave your body, the journey cannot be stopped, anything you can do is to enjoy your trip. That is what we did, enjoyed every moment, learned from each mistake, supported each other during hard times and pressed the accelerator pedal. Even if we could not have a big party to celebrate our 10th anniversary, this event is already memorable, due to our employees’ thoughts and wishes which made it special. More than that, our CEO, Matthias Trittinger shared with us a 10th anniversary message.

”I am extremely proud to be marking CEPROCS 10th anniversary!
When CEPROCS was founded back in 2010, we were a small team in a challenging business environment, but with a well-defined vision, confident and eager to grow. After 10 years of hard work, we remained just as ambitious as we started, however we gained more experience, strengthened our skills and our collaborations.
Celebrating 10 years of CEPROCS it’s all about our employees, our customers and partners – people who made company’s success possible. I am very grateful to all employees for their dedication and patience, for delivering quality to our customers and for making CEPROCS a joint family.
Moreover, it is a great pleasure to cooperate with all of our stakeholders. Due to their confidence and trust, CEPROCS is being recognized in the market as a professional company, which drives its business through knowledge and expertise.
Thank you to all who have supported CEPROCS on its way to success, I am very proud of what we’ve achieved together.

As our progress is rewarding, we are very excited to maintain this trajectory. I truly believe our passion will help us build on the solid business foundation we’ve laid with commitment, respect and a sustainable approach, during these 10 years.
Happy 10th  anniversary to all and here’s to many more!”

Matthias Trittinger,
Chief Executive Officer



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