About us

In today’s competitive and challenging business environment, companies face challenges of all kind. In particular, it challenges you to keep on growing, and to become smarter and more digitalised.

We are a Central Eastern European Procurement Consulting and Services company founded in 2010, when the needs on the market for integrated solutions providers were growing. As a fully integrated Business Process Outsourcer, we analyse your business needs, collect data and resort to market’s best practice for intelligent operations. Our solutions simplify and improve business processes, provide new opportunities and enable our clients to focus on their core business. We take over their day-to-day, menial tasks. This allows for achieving growth and competitive advantages.

CEPROCS offers tailor-made, efficient and effective, process-oriented services. In this way, together, we will make it possible for our clients to reach their full potential.

Our tailor-made accounting and controlling, human resources, procurement, coding and data classification services significantly support the reduction of cost and capital intensity. Additionally, this strengthens the market position, supports organizational transformations, helps managing risk, and allows for

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Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

Understand clients’ needs and requirements to deploy the appropriate service level in order to help them improve their competitiveness.

Our Vision:

Be recognized as the essential partner providing premium services and a high degree of integration.

Our Beliefs and Values

Our values reflect our ideology and, at the same time, drive our decisions. This made today’s success possible. Its recipe is simple and seems very natural to us:

Code of Conduct


Our highest objective is satisfaction – both of our clients and employees. We work with integrity and passion, which satisfies customers and employees as they do what they love. We believe in trustworthy, effective business relationships and respectful, open communication both inside the company and with clients. We are dedicated and strive for the best possible results only. In doing so, we always apply the highest professional standards, our year-long expertise and our analytical skills. Moreover, innovation, focus and measurable results play an important role in our recipe of success. Finally, add teamwork and voilá – our recipe is complete.

All of this is built on the strongest base: our people. We are people, who work for people giving the best to exceed expectations and build up strong relationships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Therefore, we highly invest in their further education and development, because without them, the rest of the recipe would be useless.


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Matthias Trittinger - CEO

Matthias is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CEPROCS. With his experience in procurement since 1990, he guides and supports the entire company in achieving its objectives.

As a former purchasing executive in the automotive industry, Matthias also offers support to the management team to achieve targets by providing the right managerial support. His experience in managing European and global purchasing teams contributes to the organizational transformation and long-term business strategies of CEPROCS.

Matthias´ vision and goals for CEPROCS are currently on target. CEPROCS growth and stability are a great example of how organizational growth should be. His leadership skills and dedication have made CEPROCS a go-to employer for many young experts from around the world.

Rosemarie Halper - CFO

Rosemarie is the Chief Financial Officer of CEPROCS. Since 1995, she has working with different accounting systems and labor laws and gained experience in accounting and finance.

Besides the preparation of balances according to Austrian GAAP and IFRS based on the knowledge of general accounting and Austrian labor law and payroll, Rosemarie has been responsible for cash planning and management, budgeting, establishing business cases and reporting. A self-evident part of her work in an international group is consolidation of different companies within an international group and cost controlling.

Veronica Zudor - Director of Operations

Veronica is part of CEPROCS from its start in 2010, being a key member of the team that “built” the company’s beliefs & values as well as the image. She is working in sourcing and procurement since 2007 and as a manager since 2010 gaining valuable experience and knowledge. In her current position as Director of Operations, Veronica manages several teams across several clients, countries and cultures.

Veronica is responsible for developing, establishing and maintaining the appropriate organizational structures to meet and exceed customer requirements. Her leadership skills supports her in planning and monitoring the day-to-day running of the business and to ensure smooth progress. All these attributes make her a great value to CEPROCS.

Robert Iakab - Business Solution Manager

As one of the first members of the coding team, Robert joined CEPROCS shortly after its foundation. With his experience of four years in real estate and engineering sales as well as management experience since 2014, he has been contributing to CEPROCS’ success substantially.

From joining the company until now, he has worked in different departments from sales and procurement to IT and process improvement. Currently, he is working as a Business Solution Manager, where he mainly develops tailored business solutions, and plans, coordinates and supervises all activities related to sales and processes improvement. Additionally, he is involved the supervision and planning of different purchasing and IT projects as well as data mining.

Virginia Groza - Operations Manager

Virginia started working at CEPROCS in 2011, after having gained 4 years of experience in the customer care area. Starting as a buyer she climbed the job ladder becoming the operations manager, the position she currently holds.

Besides handling various teams, purchasing activities, supplier and customer relations, she is also monitoring and developing strategies ensuring project evolution. Her expertise and devotion bring high value to both, the company and the clients.

Why cooperate with CEPROCS?


„Business success follows simple rules: Spend less than you earn is the first.” 


Partnering up with us clearly brings about advantages for your company that enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors:

  • Reduction of cost and thus increase of profits (Increase of efficiency and effectiveness)
  • Personnel structure (60% of our employees have acquired a bachelor’s degree, the other 40% a master’s degree. Moreover, we cover almost all European languages.)
  • Cost structure (Being located in Romania means near shore operations.)
  • Extensive experience in the areas automotive, chemistry and wholesalers

In order to successfully run a business, one must find, order and buy. And to stand out, do it better than the rest: Buy from the best – CEPROCS!


CEPROCS is a group of three sister companies, located in two different countries:

  • CEPROCS SRL in Sibiu, Romania
  • CEPROCS SRL, Office Germany, in Munich, Germany
  • CEPROCS Engineering in Sibiu, Romania



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