CEPROCS 10th anniversary – Employee Wishes

”Durability, reliability and trust are still the values that make a company successful. CEPROCS is my second home and I appreciate that all my colleagues understand that WE is more powerful than ME. Congratulations to all. Happy anniversary!”
Tiberiu Mitrea,
Strategic Buyer

”Working for CEPROCS has taught me that there are many ways of achieving success, however, there is only one right way to maintain it. And that is through hard work, resilience and raising above expectations at all times. These 10 years of CEPROCS have made me kinder, stronger, more grounded and gave me trust to be an inspiration for those around me. So, well done, CEPROCS! Many more years to come! ”
Teodora Barglazan,
Team Leader

”It’s time to celebrate! I wish US another 10 years and plus other 20, continue having amazing colleagues and results, happy customers, and learning each day something new. Through ups and downs, happy moments, or hard times, we managed to stay together and evolve together. I am proud to be part of the team!”
Virginia Groza,
Operations Manager

”CEPROCS has been a part of my life since June 2011. I have worked here with dedication, learned a lot, met amazing colleagues. Looking back I want to name some wonderful people that got close to my heart and helped me in my job and my personal life: Diana Popescu, Andreea Boeriu, Rares Sidiropuloas, Gina, Dana Curmu, Simona Pop, Horatiu Leucian, George Deac, Catalina Caba, Ana Tabusca, Dora Iosub, Gabriela Fagadariu, Teodora Barglazan, Carmen Stetcu, Ana Boicu, Adriana Isaila, Anca Iordache, Andrei Baici, Loredana Paun, Alin Morar, Lena Stratiev, sorry if I missed someone. Thank you for all the challenges CEPROCS brought into my life, sometimes I failed but in most of the cases I succeeded. The team buildings and Christmas parties are great memories. CEPROCS is also the place where I met my sweet boyfriend, Cristian Mocan. Thank you Veronica and Matthias for making the business grow!”
Roxana Crisan,

”I can’t believe a decade passed since CEPROCS was founded. I remember those first days as they were yesterday. There were 10 years of hard work, challenges, accomplishments, life lessons and a lot of fun. I am proud to be a CEPROCS employee and to contribute to its success. Happy 10th anniversary CEPROCS!”
Veronica Zudor,
Director of Operations

”1.Cool colleagues
2.Excellent work environment
3.Professionalism on every level
5.Open minds
6.Creative solutions
7.Super parties
8.Tenaceous buyers
9.Equilibrium between personal and professional life
10.Neverending challenges and development
This is CEPROCS TEN – 10 to me and I am positive that the years to come will bring more and more additional facts.”
Paul Muntean,
Team Leader

”CEPROCS for me means, first and foremost, respect and empathy: both for the employees and clients. The open communication, internal and external, the dedication, involvement and, of course,  teamwork, make CEPROCS not only a great place to work at, but also make any employee feel like being a part of a big family. I can truly say that I am proud to be part of the CEPROCS family.”
Adriana Milea,
HR Specialist

”Congrats CEPROCS for your 10th anniversary! I’m glad to be part of the team! I’ve learned a lot ever since our journey together started, challenged myself in going the extra mile, shortly we grew together and I look forward to the next projects to come.”
Catalina Caba,
Team Leader

”I have joined CEPROCS 4 years ago and I can honestly say that I feel I am part of this team since forever. Sure, there were many challenges paved along the way, but this is what makes the job interesting. Improvise, adapt and overcome! Surrounded and supported by awesome colleagues makes time fly incredibly fast! I wish CEPROCS another 30 years of prosperity and top results!”
Andrei Benchea,

”My journey at CEPROCS started in 2015. This has been a time of considerable challenges and greet memories. Here I’ve met a lot of pleasant, competent and reliable people. I have built also friendships that even last outside CEPROCS’ borders. I wish you all the best for this 10th anniversary, continue doing a great job and bringing together wonderful and valuable people that may help the business grow more and more.”
Maria Roman,
HR Consultant

”Happy 10th Anniversary! 10 years have passed so quick… 10 years of trust, 10 years of respect, 10 years of passion, 10 years of excellence, 10 years of success, 10 beautiful years! May the journey of corporate success continue even in the coming years!”
Cristina Dobra,
Team Leader

”We are growing through experience, laughter, friendship and excitement; emotions that built these years spent here. Ten (years) is just a number compare with the knowledge you win through opportunities that CEPROCS has in its pocket for you.”
Ramona Dima,
Tactical Buyer

”All the best to our 10th anniversary! During these 4 years I have always had a positive attitude, strong determination, dedication and hard work. I’d like to express my admiration and infinite gratefulness for my colleagues. I have met so many wonderful new people here who make me smile, support me and bring me joy. A big Thank You. May this journey of our company’s success continue in the coming years. Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness. Happy Anniversary.”
Elena Rata,

”Recalling my (almost) 10 years with CEPROCS is like browsing a family album. A big smile is brightening my face, many warm memories come into my mind and pride is embracing me. I can truly say that CEPROCS is my family. Here I’ve spent 10 years of my life – 10 years with ups and downs, fulfilling moments and beautiful, talented people. Congratulations to all for making these 10 years a source of joy! CEPROCS album has many more blank sheets to be filled.”
Gerhard Robert Iakab,
Business Solution Manager

”Congratulation CEPROCS for your 10th anniversary! 10 years passed very quickly. I am grateful for everything I learned in CEPROCS during these 10 years of activity. Through happy moments, or hard times, we evolved together, we have built beautiful friendships across the time and learned from each other. Many more years to come!”
Laura Radu,
Strategic Buyer

”It’s been a while since my first day in CEPROCS and seems like it was yesterday. Time goes by really fast when you enjoy the work, have challenges and are inspired. Keep up the good work and Happy Anniversary CEPROCS!”
Delia Szegedi-Kosza,
Team Coordinator

”Happy 10th anniversary, CEPROCS! I am so happy that you exist through us, your employees, and that you didn’t let us down in this hard times as well as we did not let you down in these 10 years of existence. I am very thankful for all the knowledge and experience I gained in this beautiful environment, for all the fun I had until now and for every opportunity to develop myself. I wish you many, many years of existence, constant growing and a lots of reasons to celebrate!”
Alexandra Migea,
Training Responsible

”Almost 8 years ago I started a journey alongside CEPROCS. Here I learned that the secret of success I all about commitment, joined talents and a dedicated team. Long story short, CEPROCS` 10th anniversary means 10 years of sustained efforts, 10 years of togetherness, 10 years of friendship, 10 years of trust, 10 years of success and 10 years of tenacity. May the journey of success continue over the next decades!”
Magdalena Rusu,
Legal Senior Advisor

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