CEPROCS™ – study case: creating a new and innovative environment for the employees

In purchasing, experience drives expertise and expertise drives value.

Our company profile and main business segments introduce the context of our business and aim to provide an insight of what we can offer to our clients, while the main focus of the article represents a study case for a solution to furnish one of our client’s new build plants.

The purpose of the sourcing was to obtain the best furniture offer for a 6 floor building in order to develop a new FlexOffice Concept, which translates into a new and innovative environment for the employees.

By focusing on strategic activities which have been recognized as key drivers in the strategic sourcing, the processes revolved around a proactive purchasing approach, risk management and cost minimization, thus achieving profit and high quality results.

 Company Profile

Purchasing is our business

With an expertise of over 30 years we created sustainable and measurable success for our clients. Our analytical tools and capabilities enable us to focus on cost deductions and savings considering the clients’ tasks and targets, we simply let the clients focus on their core business.

Clearly defined business models and business intelligence enable us to provide impressive ROI to our clients. The results achieved are increasing the organizational efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the clients’ organizations.

CEPROCS™ solutions are providing lean and highly effective processes, best conditions, define and realize potential synergies. We are a nearshore operation, close to our clients, speak all important European languages, embedded in the global environment.

Our strong focus on strategic alignment with our clients’ objectives, strong and efficient process management and standardization as well as minimized process time is combined with our market and category expertise. CEPROCS™ THE SYSTEM OF SUCCESS


Main business segments

Purchasing is our business, we offer all purchasing services from tactical purchasing to strategic sourcing, applying state of the art tools for supplier management and performance, data analytics, purchasing support up to tail end spend. We enable you to manage your key suppliers, source of supplies, contractual compliance as well as efficiently mitigate your business risks. With our wide experience and our best practice from across industries you will control your maverick spend and realize an impressive ROI.


Additional company information

Managing Director: Matthias Trittinger

Employees: 100 Trade Registration No. J32/701/2010

Founded 2010

Subsidiaries Romania, Austria, Bulgaria

Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


CEPROCS™ – study case

In purchasing experience drives expertise and expertise drives value. Our major aim is to continuously improve and re-evaluate the purchasing activities so that we customize our solutions in order to meet our client’s individual needs.

Our client needed a solution to furnish one of its new build plants. The sourcing purpose was to obtain the best furniture offer and to create a new and innovative environment for the employees.

CEPROCS™ USP included the strategic activities that had as key drivers in the strategic sourcing:

  • Building the Strategy
    • Challenging users to provide detailed information of their needs
    • Fully understand the spend category
    • Decide of full service requirements
  • Market knowledge
    • Supplier market assessment
    • Supplier survey
    • Help users to identify alternatives
    • Develop a preferred pool of providers for global requirements
  • Process Improvement
    • Improve tracking of resources, costs and fees
    • Improve tracking of savings or value realized
    • Implement KPI’s for improving future processes
  • Relationship Structuring
    • Ensure implementation of new policies and procedures
    • Encourage improvements in delivery, and service or pricing models
    • Measurement of supplier performance during the first weeks

Proactive Purchasing

Involving all the sourcing parts: purchasing, client and supplier we offered a correct overview of the solutions developed.

Before starting the project, we had a testing time in which the pitched suppliers had the opportunity to present their products. To make sure all products correspond to the health and safety requirements, a competence team was created by the client to evaluate the furniture: Health & Safety Department, the Works Council and the Medical Center. Also, the trial period of 3 months’ evaluation gave a clear feedback from the employees regarding the quality and benefits of the new furniture. The most important aspect was to find a solution in the employees’ benefit, the end user of the products. The solution can have great impact on the comfort of the teams working in the furnished space.

Startup information

The purpose of sourcing was to furnish a 6 floor building with chairs, desks, cabinets and acoustic panels.

We paid attention to providing the perfect space for the clients’ employees. A new office environment must boost the employees’ moral and create a comfortable space to work in.

Other elements that influenced the objectives:

  • Building to create a plan that will work for the building.
  • Needs and wants to make sure the new design is both functional and inviting.
  • Time and budget guidelines to keep everything under control.

Beside all these criteria we minimized the risk and costs. The strategy was based on real alternatives, how competitive the supplier marketplace is and how open are the users to the new suppliers

The feedback received from the clients’ side made a big difference in the final decision.

Achieving profit and creating success stories

Our goal was to achieve the set objectives and to overcome our clients’ needs and expectations.

Deploying ourselves in the clients’ business made us understand the need of a consolidated contract and a clear products description based on the clients’ demand. The development of a new FlexOffice Concept was created to offer a better atmosphere and environment for the employees. Nevertheless, the savings achieved after negotiation showed 6,14%. Our procurement model ensures a good communication engagement and high quality results.


GM/Opel Project: Responsible for the sourcing of all indirect products (strategical and tactical) and services (tactical).

SAF-Holland Project: Finance

  • management of accounts receivable and payable, dunning process and invoicing, warehouse accounting group reports, preparation of balance sheets according to IFRS and GAAP.
  • staff management: attendance and vacation lists, payroll and salary accounting

Sonepar: Processing of low value transactions and consolidation into 1 supplier, CEPROCS™ (1-Creditor – model)

PSG Project: Processing of low value transaction as a tier 2



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