The human mind is extremely complex; experiences we have made influence us strongly, and, at the same time, differ greatly from person to person. As a result, HR is very complex and brings about some of the biggest challenges. However, it is also one of the – if not the – most important key success factors and a prevalent topic in (most) companies.

Successfully acquiring, training and keeping talent will significantly support a firm in decreasing long-term cost and increasing long-term profit as well as maintaining a healthy and positive working climate internally and an outstanding reputation externally.

Services and Solutions

In order for you to concentrate on your core challenges, take advantage of our team of HR experts, benefit from efficient, proven processes and receive all the information you need in real time and at any time through the usage of a state-of-the-art system (Multidata)!

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Talent acquisition, head hunting and project hiring

Company culture and employee engagement

Performance management and succession

Talent development and training

HR Administration

Labour relations and labour law matters

It all starts with hiring the right people in the first place. Together we will set up an outstanding talent acquisition strategy with specific and measurable goals.

We provide

  • Talent search and head hunting
  • On-demand recruiting
  • Talent acquisition consulting

When it comes to talent search, we do not only search. We assess and pre-select the talents according to your needs and company culture (using phone and personal interviews, capability tests etc.); then, we stand by your side until the contract is signed. Here, diversity recruitment is not only a fashionable phrase for us; it’s a true motto.

In terms of on-demand recruiting we engage in contract recruiting, pipeline sourcing, and creating and conducting innovative hiring campaigns.

Moreover, we (help you) set up a talent acquisition strategy that fits your needs and supports you in process improvement. We advise you in the selection of an applicant tracking system and talent engagement through social media.

Once you have found the right employee, it is essential to introduce him/her to your company culture. A positive cultural environment brings about loyalty to the firm and passion for the job, increases enthusiasm and productivity and, in further consequence, enhances competitiveness and profitability.

Together, let’s find answers to questions such as

  • How do my employees think about their roles and responsibilities?
  • What makes up the current company culture and how will it have to dynamically change, so that the company can reach its goals?
  • Which steps are needed to make these changes?
  • How can I engage my employees even more strongly?

After that, we provide you with tailored, tangible actions to take instead of superficial, impossible-to-implement, empty words.

Succession planning is about identifying key positions and developing a pipeline of talent which can be drawn from if needed. Therefore, it is essential to know which positions are at risk. Here, tangible and measurable performance management helps.

We help you

  • define the right KPIs,
  • assess technical skills,
  • create and use a Performance Evaluation Plan,
  • identify successors, and
  • develop implementable plans for the succession.

In this way, you can evaluate your individual employees better and also understand the overall employment and talent situation in your company. Then, a talent pool with internal and external talents can be created to ensure frictionless succession.

In addition to being able to fill any vacancies from within the company and staying competitive, training and development offer many other advantages:

  • motivating and engaging the workforce,
  • aligning employees with the company culture
  • maintaining up a positive team spirit
  • keeping skills and competencies up to date to ensure customer satisfaction and thus company success.

We help you create plans for employees that support their career development. On a company level, we identify gaps between available and needed skills and set up a plan to close them.

Besides all of the above, HR is related to a lot of necessary ongoing administration. This includes but is not limited to*

  • setting up contracts and addendums,
  • writing job descriptions,
  • creating documents for maternity leave and grace period,
  • compiling personal documents for employees’ needs,
  • managing annual leave and unpaid leave,
  • administering vacation and sick leave,
  • preparing documents for the employment of foreign citizens,
  • dealing with payroll and compensation (programmes),
  • enforcing corporate policies and procedures, or
  • administering employment benefits.

We are happy to support you in all of these. Additionally, by having an external partner care about very personal matters such as payroll, data-spill and subsequent jealousy based on knowing other people’s salaries can be avoided.

*We mainly offer these services for the countries Romania, Austria and Germany. Please just send us an inquiry with all your details and we will get back to you with an appropriate offer.

Good labour relations increase employee’s job satisfaction and productivity, which reduce labour turnover rate and HR related cost.

Nevertheless, this function of HR is also associated with investigations, counselling and disciplinary actions. Since law is highly complex, our experts stand by your side in questions about*

  • Labour law,
  • discipline & dismissal,
  • internal rules and regulation administration,
  • collective bargaining agreements,
  • policy management and interpretation, and
  • flexible work arrangements.

*We mainly offer these services for the countries Romania, Austria and Germany. Please just send us an inquiry with all your details and we will get back to you with an appropriate offer.


We are passionate about helping you grow your business while enabling your employees to enjoy a higher quality of life. Since our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, they can also be individually adapted to any changes in- and outside the company.

In summary, by choosing us as your partner, your company will benefit from

  • less expensive and risky, but more efficient and effective talent recruiting
  • enhanced employer branding and recruitment marketing
  • a stronger company culture that leads to loyal, enthusiastic and highly productive employees
  • more sophisticated knowledge about positions at risk and employee performance
  • superior plans for succession
  • increased talent training and retention
  • tangible and motivating development plans
  • more efficient and sophisticated HR administration and thus more time for core activities
  • avoidance of data-spill that possibly leads to jealousy and bad energy
  • expert knowledge in legal issues, and
  • the ability to flexibly adapt plans and strategies to any changes in- or outside the company due to the individuality we provide.
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