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Our competencies and capabilities provides us the possibility to be flexible, but consistent in our approach to offer harmonized and sustainable services and solutions for or worldwide clients.

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Our solutions simplify and improve business processes, provide you new opportunities and enable you to focus on your core business. We offer simplified business performance solutions for your complex, advanced and continuously changing  environment. Our mission is to take over your “none-core” day-to-day tasks so you can allocate your resources strategically. Our tailored procurement solutions control cost and capital intensity. They also strengthen market engagement, support organizational transformation, manage risks and make accurate business predictions our partners can always rely on.


Here are a few insights of the solutions we offer:

Business development by maintaining a constant focus on key trends:

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Our aim is to ensure that you reach full potential, through successful, performance-focused processes delivered in an innovative way. We offer innovative solutions in procurement, finance and human resources services. We pursue the highest professional standards and strive continuously to offer you tangible, satisfying results in your day-to-day challenges.

CEPROCS™ Group was founded in 2010 when the needs on the market for integrated solutions provider grew. We analyze your business needs, collect data and resort to market’s best practice for intelligent operations.

Through our Group we offer you:

Purchasing services

Purchase of full category for indirect products (strategical and tactical) and services (tactical)
Implementation of defined purchasing strategies
Tactical and strategic purchasing for defined categories/commodities

Book keeping and accounting, salaries and HR services

Management of accounts receivable, dunning process and invoicing
Management of accounts payable, warehouse accounting for establishing the stock and the value of the stock
Group reports, accounting and preparation of balance sheets according to IFRS and GAAP
Staff management: attendance and vacation lists, payroll and salary accounting
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