Procurement optimization plays an important role in business in achieving sustainable growth and ensuring competitiveness. Thus, seeking help from procurement experts offers your company a strategic advantage: You can circumvent challenges related to procurement strategy selection and supplier management issues. Additionally, you can reduce cost and mitigate risk.

Working together with CEPROCS means that you can:

As you can see, you will circumvent focusing too much on the operational tasks in your company – a mistake that so many businesses make. Rather, you will use your time to pay attention to strategic and core business tasks. In this way, you will stand out in comparison to your competition and surpass them.
To address the market’s needs, our procurement services model can cover both direct and indirect purchasing, as well as strategic and transactional purchasing:

"BPO is not only about costs but mostly to reduce internal processes."

Services and Solutions

We offer a new dynamic for your company’s internal activities

To ensure the success of our procurement services, our core competencies include:

Strategic Sourcing

Spend Analysis

Tactical Purchasing

Material Master Management and Data Classification

Analytics Solutions and Business Process Improvement

Supplier Data Management

Caring about strategic sourcing enhances cost-efficiency and offers various other advantages like:

  • Cost avoidance and cost containment
  • Effective and successful supplier and customer management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Detailed forecast of revenues and savings

Your business can benefit from higher competitiveness in terms of purchasing strategy by partnering up with us. We help you achieve this by offering your company:

  • our commodity experts, strongly oriented on savings
  • embedded plant budget savings
  • purchasing administration cost reduction
  • supplier maintenance cost reduction through supplier consolidation

We can translate strategic sourcing into consolidating high-runner items in blankets and maintained catalogues. Automated transactions refer to:

  • Blankets, which are considered as highly efficient due to the fact that they reduce the need for administrative resources for perpetual purchases
  • Catalogues, along with mandatory catalogue management setup, which are a solution for non-regular/non-perpetual use for low value items to be set in place

To avoid an underperforming of contracts, our strategic sourcing team can support with post-award activities such as:

  • Contract compliance
  • Contract amendment
  • Contract renewal
  • Contract closure

“Dive into data and discover your strength”

Spend analysis can provide your company with great insights on classification and visibility of spend. Therefore, it helps you in strategic planning and then lets you focus on your core operations. It can significantly increase the classification accuracy and can provide your business with:

  • Category and commodity classification of spend
  • Review of category maturity
  • Understanding of historical spend and supplier performance and development
  • Solutions for identifying patterns and creating forecast models
  • Maverick spend overview
  • Fast analysis and reporting
  • Greater compliance
  • „Drill-down” and „Roll-up” analysis
  • Clear contract creation solutions

Tactical Purchasing mainly refers to non-automated transactions for non-regular use, which have the objectives to reduce delivery time and cost reduction and increase savings.

“Competitive edge resides in material master data integrity.”

From a purchasing perspective, the material master database holds all items purchased by a company or items existing in stock. Therefore, it supports you in time-management when it comes to procurement decisions.

The database includes unique codes assigned to each material regarding, but not limited to, manufacturer, part number, description (in various languages), UNSPSC and eCl@ss codes, commodity, etc.

Having such a database helps in expanding to and benefitting from e-commerce. On top of all that, having material master management and data classification also brings about advantages in the fields of material planning and control, accounting, budget planning, forecasting and much more.

A commodity-oriented structure allows for building a customised architectural model in line with the particularity of each industry. Meanwhile, coding provides standardization and optimization of materials by using a smart codification system according to UNSPSC and eCl@ass International Standards.

  • Data standardization across organization allowing for:
    • unique, accurate and consistent records
    • obtaining the parts from the same supplier for the same price
  • Efficient and effective procurement processes
  • Detailed spend analysis
  • Better supplier management
  • Maintenance of data quality in real time
  • Transparency of inventory

Monitoring and evaluation are key aspects in any business and help achieve the overall goals of the organization. Using key metrics helps a business recognise where it stands, define objectives as to where it wants to go and measure its progress. Thus, they support sustainable growth.

We conduct internal assessments of processes, control data and check quality, implement changes and streamline processes, and constantly monitor the entire process.

These steps help us to ensure a lean and efficient process, to monitor the compliance with client’s policies, requirements and processes, and to secure SLAs and KPIs.

Such an approach enables us to perform:

  • Data integration by offering general integration methods and process of data warehousing
  • Data analysis focusing on data and process mining
  • Improvements and innovations by offering customised business models and automation solutions

Your business can benefit from an EDI link into the CEPROCS system and also an integrated sourcing tool and individual applications. These provide core reporting, analysis and tracking tools tailored for purchasing and customised to client business particularities.

Through supplier data management we provide accurate and consistent information about supplier performance to reduce payment and purchasing errors as well as supplier related risks, and improve sourcing cycle time.

We provide support for the following processes:

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Supplier block / unblock / extend
  • Supplier information update
  • Supplier performance data management and analysis


We have been working with clients from various industries, helping them to improve processes, increase effectiveness and efficiency and reduce unnecessary spending of resources. We believe that industries can actively shape their development.

Therefore, however, it is important to rethink the role of procurement and to see it as an important lever for optimizing spend or achieving sustainable growth and development.

The automotive industry is one of the most regulated and at the same time one of the fastest changing industries worldwide. Safety and emission standards substantially influence the strategy of companies operating in this sector, and indirectly have an impact on the cost of operation and manufacturing costs. Thus, it is essential to accept procurement as an important lever for optimizing spend, investing in innovation and ensuring sustainable growth.

Having played a key role in the European procurement for Opel/Vauxhall for several years has not only significantly broadened our experience but has also helped us to build an extensive partner network. For our client, working with us meant being able to focus on their main strategies and regulatory compliance while improving their business processes, reducing cost and increasing savings.

Also the fragrance industry is demanding as it is a cross-functional blend of scientists, perfumers, flavourists, and application specialists and strongly relies on proprietary knowledge and ingredients. At the same time, innovation is key in such a competitive sector. As a result, seeking support in the area of procurement enables customers to pay more attention to innovation, hence outperforming competitors.

Oil and Gas
In an era of climate change, numerous climatic issues and loads of news reporters and politicians talking about these issues, the oil and gas industry is under a lot of pressure. This as well as the many regulations make it a difficult industry to work in and require high expertise as a premise for success.

With a tremendous pace, we can all see new innovation in the field of wholesaling on a daily basis. Never before has there been such rapid change in an industry every year. Therefore, in order to stay competitive, businesses in that field should concentrate on innovation and partner up with a company that gives them support in non-core business tasks.  We have been able to gain several years of experience in this field by supporting Sonepar.

We offer know-how and expertise to improve business results and to deploy capital more productively.


Put succinctly, we convince through our

  • Experience: For years, we have gained knowledge and insights in developing purchasing solutions and procurement strategies in various industries and across Europe and globally.
  • Supplier base: Our global and broad supplier base enables leverage x-over industries.
  • Location: We operate near-shore from the centre of Europe.
  • Personnel: Since our personnel works in procurement every day, they are well specialised and also show great experience in this field. Moreover, all of them are academically-educated (60% bachelor’s degree, 40% master’s degree)
  • Customization: We develop industry-adjusted, tailor-made procurement processes that best fit each customer’s needs. For them, these processes are standardised in order to facilitate day-to-day business.

We act as an ’’extended workbench”, able to fully integrate and provide full service purchasing processes – both tactical and strategic.

How we proceed:

  • Defining your goals and priorities
  • Identifying and evaluating your needs
  • Conducting initial risk assessments
  • Developing individual, perfectly coordinated business models by clearly defining the procurement functions: roles, responsibilities, systems, processes, skills, and capabilities needed
  • Developing procurement strategies based on your needs
  • Granting financial viability and quality of the process and effectiveness of the cross-trainings
  • Leading you to success and exceeding your expectations

Customer tailored solutions, adapted to a regional or global context, are most efficient considering aspects like market dynamics, cultural environment, business philosophy and the like. This will get you ahead of your competitors.

In order to develop the best strategies for you, we highly invest in our business strategy. We

  • Develop, create and consolidate industry specific knowledge,
  • Invest in knowledge and skill management of employees and focus on talent retention, and
  • Invest in innovation and supportive IT solutions.

We constantly recruit and train talent to design procurement strategies tailored to local cultures and economies. This is highly important considering globalization and for being able to reach emerging markets. The European language coverage enables us to communicate with you in your native language.



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